Why Hire a Public Adjuster?

  • We will investigate your claim for free and help determine if we are a good fit
  • We will help document all your damages and provide insurance with all the necessary estimates, experts, and arguments to help your case
  • We handle all the communication and paperwork with your insurance
  • Our clients often experience a much higher settlement amount sometimes even 700% higher!
  • Absolutely no fee if we do not win your claim

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to file a claim?

Most insurance policies allow policy holders to file claims 1-3 years after a loss. Policy language can be confusing and hard to understand but we would be glad to help you understand your policy coverages.

Should I call my insurance first?

If you think you may have an insurance claim, it is important you call us first. We want to investigate, document, and prepare your claim properly before we make contact to insurance. Clients who allow us to initiate the claims process usually result in a much higher and faster settlement than those who call insurance first.

What is my deductible?

Your deductible is usually listed on the declarations page of your insurance policy. Deductibles can vary based on the type of loss you have. If you need help finding out your deductible, we would be glad to help.

What if insurance has already offered me money?

Even if insurance has offered you money, that does not make the settlement final. In most cases, insurance wants to offer a quick, lesser settlement in hopes that you move on. If you feel you have been underpaid, book an appointment and we will review your claim for free.

How do I know if insurance will pay for my damage?

Insurance policies have specific perils that they insure against. Policy language can be confusing, book an appointment and we will review your policy for free.

Aware Owner Public Adjusters are licensed to provide professional claim handling services in several states.

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