Understanding the 3 Types of Insurance Adjusters

If you have ever filed an insurance claim, or are new to the game, it is important to know that not all Insurance claim adjusters are created equal. We commonly get asked the difference between each adjuster and we want to help you understand and distinguish between the three.

First, what is an insurance adjuster? 

An insurance adjuster’s job is to investigate an insurance claim for loss and determine the claim settlement amount. Adjusters can handle property claims such as auto or homeowner’s claims, and adjusters that handle liability claims. 

Adjusters will determine the facts of the claim, analyze the insurance policy, and determine ultimately what the claim settlement should be. 

There are staff and independent adjusters that work directly on the behalf of the insurance company, and public adjusters that work on behalf of the policy holder. Understanding the difference will help you level the playing field when dealing with insurance companies.


  • Staff Adjuster


Also known as a company adjuster, a staff adjuster is a claims adjuster that typically is employed by one insurance company and represents the interest of said company. They have an obligation to help protect the insurance companies’ interest and not the policy holders. Staff adjusters are not incentivized to maximize your claim, and in most cases, they try to minimize your claim.

  • Independent Adjuster



Insurance companies in some cases will hire independent firms to represent the side of the insurance company. Independent adjusters often get confused with Public Adjusters, but the major difference being that independent adjusters still work for the insurance company, not the policy holder. 

Independent adjusters do not represent the policy holder’s interest, only that of the insurance company. They may work claims for a pool of insurance companies and are hired on a contract basis with the insurance company. 



  • Public Adjuster


Public Adjusters work directly for the policy holder and are hired by the policy holder. Public Adjuster’s help the policy holder through the intricacies of the claims process with the goal to maximize the settlement for the insured. 

The claims process can be confusing, and often a lot of money is at stake. Hiring a public adjuster can really help alleviate the headache of dealing with the insurance company. 

A public adjuster is typically paid a contingency percentage of the gross claim settlement without any money upfront. Hiring a public adjuster can greatly increase your claim settlement, sometimes even 700%!

 Simply put, they are paid to win


It is crucial you know your rights are the policy holder. Most staff and independent adjusters are great people, but unfortunately, they have pressure to please the insurance companies due to the fact they collect a paycheck from them. 

Whether you have filed a claim, or think you may have a claim, please reach out to one of our experienced public adjusters by calling our office 480-718-5300. We charge nothing to have a consultation to see if we are a good fit for your claim.


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